How McDonald’s is Saving my Teaching Career

McDonald’s is saving my teaching career.

How? It’s very simple.

Almost every day, after school, I drive down the street and purchase a Large Diet Coke from those Golden Arches. Then I return to school and get some work done.

This is one of the ways I’m surviving my first year. After a whole day of teaching, I need a break before I can dive into the next day or whatever needs done. After 32 oz of nutrisweety, carbonated goodness and a breath of non-school air, I’m ready to get things done. I notice I’m much more efficient when I do this.

How do you survive? What are your tricks for making it through the day in this challenging profession?

4 thoughts on “How McDonald’s is Saving my Teaching Career

  1. Thanks for coming by my blog. Breaks are critical, especially early in your teaching years, when you constantly feel overwhelmed. That quick trip away from school helps you get your perspective back, if only momentarily. Take your lunch break too, if you can.

  2. If I left the school I wouldn’t come back. Cutting down on work outside of the school day and especially weekends is important to keep from burning out.

    • I was the same way when I student taught… Wanted to get out of there at 3 and not look back. I find that my little afternoon breaks help me though and I can stay til 5 or 6 and be done.

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